Friday, September 26, 2008

Enabling Failure!

This administration is a failure!

What does that say for the 25-30% who still support it?

Maybe our CEO should resign?????

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More blowback

"The United States will lose its superpower status in the world financial system. The world financial system will become more multi-polar." ...
Sound Familiar?

Bush Lays Burden On Congress ...

Remember this?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you spare me a dime?

$521,000: The average pay of Goldman Sachs employees ­ and that includes secretaries

This is a 12 per cent increase on the $466,000 average disclosed for 2004. It is twice the level of average pay at rivals Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

And now they need your help!
By the numbers

Note! - George W Bush does NOT include the Iraq War ($600 billion) or the Wall Street bailout ($1.8 trillion).

When that $2.4 Trillion is added, the charts looks like:

Bailout on Trial:

What Does Taxpayer Get Other than a $700B Bill?


Unlike the $85 billion AIG bailout, which gave the government an 80% stake in the company and a 11%-plus interest rate on the loan, the taxpayer is getting no tangible return for a $700 billion "investment", as currently constructed.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She's Ready?

McCain camp tries to to keep reporters out of Palin meetings ...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bush's Legacy by the numbers

Federal Deficit (6.4 trillion up to 11.5 trillion) = $5.1 trillion

Iraq War (estimate) = $600 billion

The Wall Street Handout Bailout = $1.8 trillion

TOTAL is $7.5 trillion!

There's approximately 300 million US citizens.

Bush has borrowed (saddled) every US citizen with $25,000 of debt!

Family of 3 is $75,000!
Family of 4 is $100,000!

Not bad for a 'tax cutter'!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bailout or Handout?

"Why not take the billions and ... make funds available to home owners stuck in the loans these idiots created, marketed and sold," asked Don from Coarsegold, Calif. "It will put the money where it should be with the little guy who made a mistake, instead of the big guy who created the problem." ...

PHILADELPHIA -- When shortstop Jimmy Rollins was growing up, his father used to assign him a "Word of the Day" to learn.

At the end of each week, Rollins would have to pass a test to prove he had mastered each word's definition. The young Rollins couldn't possibly have known it at the time, but this would mark the beginning of a passion for literacy that would ultimately be used to benefit thousands of students in the Philadelphia area.

Rollins now works year-round toward improving reading skills among Philadelphia's youth. For this and many other endeavors, the shortstop is the worthy Phillies nominee for the 2008 Roberto Clemente Award, presented by Chevrolet.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Economic Stimulus Checks Loans

The more alarmist economists are saying the cost of resolving the current crisis will exceed $1 trillion. To put that in context, total U.S. government spending in 2007 was $2.7 trillion. ...

That's $3,333.33 of more borrowing for each and every US citizen!

Family of 3 is $10,000 !!!!!

How does that compare to last year's stimulus check?

The standard stimulus rebate check for American families with a joint filing couple and a child is $1,500.

The Wall Street bailout is 7 TIMES greater than your economic stimulus check!!!!!

Wall Street bonuses of $30 billion COST the US taxpayers $1 Trillion!

Even Dr. Evil would have a hard time deciphering these figures:

What Matt Drudge forgot to tell you:


Up 44% the past 10 years! How does that break down?

Bush's DOW started at $10,587.59 and is now at $11,019.69

Bush's DOW went up 4% in 7.75 years.

Who was president for the other 40% increase in 2.25 years? Bill Clinton!

Now contrast that with Clinton's DOW, $3,241.95 to $10,587.59 for a 326% increase!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Bush Economy

Pelosi (D-Calif.) ripped President Bush’s “mismanagement” of the economy and a lack of regulation that led to the current situation.

“I think the American people have had it with this situation where the middle-income people in our country are not protected from the ramifications of the risk-taking and the greed of these financial institutions,” Pelosi told MSNBC.

When asked whether the Democrats “deserve some responsibility” regarding the economic crisis, Pelosi responded: “No.”

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


329.92 Magic Number

Closing price on January 19th 2001: $10,587.59

Closing price yesterday (September 15, 2008): $10,917.51

Have Bush's economic policies and tax cuts been good for the economy? Consider everything:
  • the stock market
  • the real estate market
  • the banking market
  • retail sales
  • the federal deficit
  • household income
  • employment
  • bankruptcies
  • household savings and debt
  • the value of the dollar
  • inflation
Would you/everyone give back their 'tax cuts' for an improvement in any of the above?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Economy John!

Had Enough?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blowing the Lead

Republican Rep. Candice S. Miller says Barack Obama had only one shot at Palin-proofing the Democratic ticket — and he missed it when he passed over Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate.

“Every woman in America knows what Barack Obama did to Hillary Clinton: He looked at her and thought, ‘There’s no way I’m doing that,’” said Miller. “If Hillary was on the ticket, he’d be in a much better position to win women voters.”

Sarah Palin’s presence — coupled with Clinton’s absence — may be altering one of the great verities of American politics: that women voters overwhelmingly favor Democrats.


But another former Clinton adviser, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that the “Obama people have got to be kicking themselves” for not putting choosing Clinton as his No. 2.

Julia Piscitelli of the American University’s Women and Politics Institute agreed.

“I don’t think Palin would be seeing these kind of gains if Hillary was on the ticket,” she said. “When Obama picked Biden, it gave Republicans an opening, and they are taking full advantage of it. ... The question is: How long will it last?”

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More debt

From the bonddad blog:

The meaning and ramifications of this collapse cannot be unravelled in a single post--or a hundred posts. Mismanagement, corporate greed and excess need examining.

Once again, the U.S. taxpayer will be asked to shoulder another mountain of debt. Once again, the taxpayer has become the prop of last resort as poorly managed entities become too big to fail. How long this can continue is the question.

Everything seems broken. No one seems to be safely in charge. Instead, I imagine public officials--Bernanke and Paulson-- racing frantically from meeting to meeting, making assurances, looking for the next band-aid.


Foreign central banks have been propping up the U.S. economy:

Foreign central banks have financed the United States to keep their export sectors -- heavily dependent on U.S. consumer spending -- humming. But they now must weigh the benefits of providing the United States with such "vendor financing" against the rising costs of keeping the current system going.

Yu Yongding is not making a threat; he is stating a fact.

If foreign central banks stop financing U.S. debt (there are no free rides), then the U.S. is in a world of hurt. As Brad Setser notes: fact, the economic and financial risks that arise from the U.S. current account deficit (and the resulting dependence on foreign financing) have not been exaggerated. If anything, they have received too little attention -- and are set to grow in the coming years.

Well, "the coming years" may be sooner, not later. For the U.S., the consequences may be immediate inflation as Treasury attempts to makes its offerings more palatable. The dollar will plunge. And these are just for starters.

The party is over. Sorry that most of you working stiffs missed it. Oh, by the way, here's the bill.
What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick!

' The GOP vice-presidential pick holds that abortion should be illegal, even in cases of rape, incest or severe birth defects, making an exception only if the life of the mother is in danger. She calls abortion an "atrocity" and pledges to reshape the judiciary to fight it. Ironically, Palin's views on the matter are to the right of those in the Muslim country of Tunisia, which allows abortion in the first trimester for a wide range of reasons. Classical Muslim jurisprudents differed among one another on the issue of abortion, but many permitted it before the "quickening" of the fetus, i.e. until the end of the fourth month. Contemporary Muslim fundamentalists, however, generally oppose abortion.

Palin's stance is even stricter than that of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2005, the legislature in Tehran attempted to amend the country's antiabortion statute to permit an abortion up to four months in case of a birth defect. The conservative clerical Guardianship Council, which functions as a sort of theocratic senate, however, rejected the change. Iran's law on abortion is therefore virtually identical to the one that Palin would like to see imposed on American women, and the rationale in both cases is the same, a literalist religious impulse that resists any compromise with the realities of biology and of women's lives. Saudi Arabia's restrictive law on abortion likewise disallows it in the case or rape or incest, or of fetal impairment, which is also Gov. Palin's position. '

Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain = Bush

Stark Differences

Selecting Sarah Palin, who was touted all summer by Rush Limbaugh, is no way to attract most women, including die-hard Clinton supporters. Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Clinton. Her down-home, divisive and deceptive speech did nothing to cosmeticize a Republican convention that has more than twice as many male delegates as female, a presidential candidate who is owned and operated by the right wing and a platform that opposes pretty much everything Clinton's candidacy stood for -- and that Barack Obama's still does. To vote in protest for McCain/Palin would be like saying, "Somebody stole my shoes, so I'll amputate my legs." ...
More Economic Stimulus Checks

U.S. Near Deal on Fannie, Freddie ...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

GOP Economy!

Then: $10,587.59 (January 19th 2001)

Now : $11,188.23 (today)

That's a whopping 5.7% over 7.75 years (or .73% return per year)!!!!!

The 'economy is great' president!